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Will Giving Up Smoking Make You Fat?

Smoking is injurious to health, most smokers are well aware of the serious implications that smoking has on their health, thanks to many anti-smoking campaigns. However, most of them do not think they are at a risk. Some believe that smoking just once in a while cannot be so bad, after all. Also, some are certain that they will quit… Read more »

Laser Therapy: Treatment to Quit Smoking

The treatments to stop smoking are many. There are patches and herbal medicines to choose from. Now, people are willing to even pay thousands of dollars for the unique laser therapy that promises to offer instant relief. Laser Therapy to Bid Smoking Farewell Among the many treatments that have been designed to help people give up smoking, the latest therapy… Read more »

How to Encourage Someone to Quit Smoking

Who would have thought that smoking would become an addiction? Well all those who find themselves hooked to this habit, never intended to let smoking become such an integral part of their lives. These things just happen, and before we realize it, we find yourselves smoking 7-10-15-20 cigarettes a day. Most people do not smoke because they enjoy the act,… Read more »